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Maciej Walkowiak

Maciej Walkowiak

Software Consultant, Germany

Maciej is an independent software consultant with over 12 years of professional experience. His areas of focus are helping companies in making architectural choices as well as designing and developing systems based on Spring stack and AWS. Open Source enthusiast, active Spring community member, a contributor to several Spring projects. In meantime, he runs a YouTube channel – Spring Academy – where he teaches Spring and shares news from Java & Spring ecosystem.

Speaker's activity
Concise Spring Boot applications with Kotlin

Java is a simple but very verbose language. Often it feels like it’s too verbose and we miss many features that other languages can offer. Can we continue using our favorite frameworks, benefit from JVM reliability and robustness but use more modern and concise programming language? Yes, thanks to Kotlin!

Spring & Kotlin is a great match – a fantastic foundation for building modern applications. If you haven’t used Kotlin ever before there is nothing to worry about. In this talk, you will learn step by step how to develop Spring Boot application leveraging Kotlin idioms and Kotlin specific DSLs baked into the Spring ecosystem. You will see what’s already possible and what can be the future of developing Spring applications with Kotlin.