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Alexey Fyodorov

Alexey Fyodorov

Odnoklassniki, Russia

Java developer for 8+ years. Worked for Oracle for 3 years (JCK Team, Java Platform group). Leader of the St. Petersburg Java User Group, organizer of largest Russian Java and .NET conferences. Interested in runtimes, multithreaded programming, Java compatibility and software engineering trade-offs. Technology Evangelist @ Odnoklassniki since 2014.

Speaker's activity
Counter Wars, or 100500 ways to shoot yourself in the foot when implementing thread-safe counter
May 20th

Do you know that contended AtomicLong.increment() works in JDK 8 much faster than in JDK 7? There are a lot of ways to implement thread-safe counters in Java and 100500 ways to shoot yourself in the foot when you doing this.

During this talk we will consider several ways of implementing thread-safe counters (synchronized, Lock, AtomicLong, Unsafe), compare their performance, and try to understand why some implementations are faster than others in this or that scenario.