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Dmitry Jemerov

Dmitry Jemerov

Principal Engineer at JetBrains, Germany

Dmitry Jemerov is a long-time IntelliJ IDEA developer and one of the earliest contributors to Kotlin. Currently he is leading the Kotlin tooling team. Dmitry is also a co-author of the “Kotlin in Action” book.

Speaker's activity
Developing multiplatform projects in Kotlin
May 18th

In Kotlin 1.2, we’ve added support for developing multiplatform projects. Multiplatform projects allow you to reuse the business logic written in Kotlin between all the components of your application – backend code on the JVM, frontend code in JS, and also mobile apps. The common code is compiled for all platforms and can access platform-specific implementations of APIs and libraries. The platform-specific parts are also written in Kotlin and have access to the full set of features of the corresponding platform.

In this talk, we’ll look at language and IDE features that support developing multiplatform projects, and at the libraries that can be used in such projects. As an example, we’ll study a project that supports isomorphic HTML rendering, or, in other words, reuses the HTML building code between the frontend and the backend.