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Alexander Belokrylov

Alexander Belokrylov

CEO/Product Manager at BellSoft, Russia

Alex has been working in IT industry for more than 15 years and went from being an engineer to a manager. At Oracle, Alex had been leading Java ME Embedded product management and later one of the components of the Oracle Internet of Things Cloud Service. In 2017 together with like-minded fellows founded BellSoft company which released OpenJDK binary distribution for ARM processors: Liberica and making Big Data and IoT solutions.

Speaker's activity
Dive into the Internet of Things with Java 9/10
May 19th

Step by step the Internet of Things is coming into our life. Java is a number one choice as a backend technology but also getting more and more traction as an IoT gateway run-time. Java 9/10 in addition to modularity brought a set of features which are invaluable for IoT solutions. This talk is about approaches and methods for building compact IoT applications for collection and stream analysis of IoT data on devices.