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Alex Dukhno

Alex Dukhno

Software Engineer at Hazelcast, Ukraine

Alex is Java Engineer at Hazelcast. He is learning and practicing different types of programming languages for fun and some time for profit. That leads him to delve into runtimes and compilers to understand why happening what is happening. Alex also organizes meetups in Odesa and an active member of the Odesa open source community.

Speaker's activity
Dynamic Language Runtime On Java Platform* (*or how JRuby works)

In this talk, we take a deep look at what happens inside the runtimes for dynamic languages. Taking JRuby as an example, we walk through code samples, take a look at the runtime execution pipeline to see how Ruby source code is transformed that JVM could execute it efficiently. After the talk, participants gain fundamental knowledge of how dynamic runtimes work in general and fill the gap between source code and what happens underneath.