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Ihor Kolodyuk

Ihor Kolodyuk

Technical Director at Jelastic, Ukraine

Ihor Kolodyuk is a Technical Director at Jelastic, a DevOps PaaS and CaaS for developers, cloud hosting providers, systems integrators and enterprises.

Ihor is a sophisticated expert in large-scale Java applications and manages the architectural direction for new features implementation.

Speaker's activity
Elastic JVM: Automatic Vertical Scaling of the Java Heap

Containers provide much better elasticity and density than VMs, but JVM-based applications are not fully container-ready. The first issue is that HotSpot JVM doesn’t release unused committed heap memory automatically. Second, it is not possible to increase the size of the JVM heap at runtime. To solve these major issues and make JVM more container-friendly, a new patch is implemented for the Garbage-First collector in OpenJDK 9. This session shares details of what is done and how the added improvements enhance resource consumption efficiency.