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Тренинг “Developing enterprise web applications with ExtJS”

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Целевая аудитория

This training is targeted developers and application architects who are evaluating ExtJS framework for their next project. Attending this workshop will definitely make the ExtJS learning curve less steep.

Описание тренинга

ExtJS 4 is the most advanced JavaScript framework available for development of enterprise cross-platform web applications. It includes a rich set of UI components, has well designed event model, advanced layouts, and promotes using OOP and MVC for developing UI.

This workshop will be delivered as a 2-day in-class training. The curriculum of this training was developed by Farata Systems and is targeted at enterprise software developers who need to quickly get up to speed with ExtJS. This workshop is a fifty-fifty mix of lectures and hands-on exercises. Attendees will receive PDFs with all course materials used in class and solutions to all exercises. Each attendee will have to use his/her computer.

Attendees should understand the basics of HTML and be comfortable with JavaScript language. If your JavaScript is a little rusty, brush it up by reading Chapter 2 from upcoming book “Enterprise Web Development”.

Детальная программа

День первый

  • JavaScript tooling: development and debugging.
  • ExtJS as an Object-Oriented ecosystem for JavaScript. Defining, creating and extending ExtJS classes. Overrides and Mixins.
  • Using ExtJS online documentation.
  • Starting your project with and without ExtJS MVC.
  • Partitioning application logic with Views and Controllers.
  • Containers, components, and Layouts.
  • ExtJS Component Livecycle.
  • Dynamic Class Loading. Minifying and deploying the application.
  • How to Unit Test ExtJS applications.
  • Visual design of Ext JS UI with Sencha Architect.

День второй

  • ExtJS Data Package.
  • Models, Stores and more MVC. Proxies, Readers and Writers.
  • Exchanging data with the server via the AJAX proxy.
  • Using Ext Direct to remote to Java application servers.
  • Offline data storage via LocalStorage and Session Proxies.
  • Working with Forms and Validators.
  • Working with the Grid. Using templates and editors.
  • Creating a CRUD application: ExtJS – Java – DBMS. This unit is optional and can be included if the audience consists of Java developers.
  • Unit Testing, Documenting, Deployment.


Anton Moiseev

Дата проведения

22-23 мая


16 часов (2 дня)


2000 гривен за участника (обед включен).

sold out