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Dmitrii Sugrobov

Dmitrii Sugrobov

Software Engineer at Leroy Merlin, Russia

Dmitrii is a software engineer, DevOps believer, and evangelist at Leroy Merlin. Leroy Merlin is a DIY retail company that is part of the Adeo group with a presence in 15 countries with headquarters in France. Dmitrii improves the processes associated with the life of the code during and after its being crafted. In the last 5 years his work connected with JVM-based languages.

Speaker's activity
Finding an optimal ride to Kubernetes

Years ago, the choice by default for microservices was Spring Cloud. There are thousands of systems where Netflix stack covers all microservices needs: configuration management, load balance, service discovery, obtaining secrets and much more. In the new era of clouds without vendor locks, the new default is Kubernetes. Container orchestrator out of the box covers a huge part of microservices concerns, but for use this, it is required to change the code and remove a couple of dependencies.

At our company, we recently transferred tens of systems to the new approach. Each team has chosen its most comfortable way. This talk will observe moving strategies, problems that need to be taken into account, and our experience in choosing the most optimal ride to Kubernetes.