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Denis Wilson Souza Rosa

Denis Wilson Souza Rosa

Developer Advocate at Couchbase, Germany

Speaker and Developer Advocate at Couchbase, he started programming even before the college and never stopped coding since then. He is Java & NoSQL specialist, open-source contributor, and an enthusiast of Microservices & DevOps

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From Micro to MacroBenchmarks

Which code/framework is faster in my use case? What is the maximum throughput? How my system degrade? We have to deal with these questions on a daily basis but we still choose to leave them unanswered as we “don’t have time to benchmark it”.

In this session, you will get a gentle review of the JVM internals, get a guide of how to build proper benchmarks, avoid the most common pitfalls and hands-on with the most popular benchmark frameworks for the JVM. After this session, you will be able to build your own benchmarks in minutes and finally test by yourself what is faster.