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Dmytro Panin

Dmytro Panin

Levi9, Ukraine

Over the past few years, Dmytro was a member of teams that worked on various enterprise projects that were based on Java. Achieving an Oracle Java Programmer certificate, he gained comprehensive core Java knowledge. Currently, his roles are Senior Developer and Team Lead. Dmytro has accumulated a solid knowledge of tools and practices that he like to share.

Speaker's activity
Get along with JHipster
May 20th

JHipster is a trendy Yeoman generator that provides the possibility to create an AngularJS + Spring Boot project from the scratch in no time. I would like to share the idea of JHipster and a set of tools that it comprises. I will superficially cover scaffolding and the explicit tool, that makes scaffolding plain and easy to adopt, named Yeoman.

Started in October 2013, JHipster has grown and obtained a developing community, furthermore, it is growing rapidly as for the past year about 150 programmers contributed to it. During the presentation, I want to perform a live demonstration of creating a new project based on the aforementioned core and a few subsidiary technologies. Since JHipster includes a great deal of technologies it’s a good source of common practices.