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Sergio Kovtunenko

Sergio Kovtunenko

Team Leader at Exadel, Ukraine

Active attendee of the diverse java and cloud-native conferences. Local speaker, inspirator, and lecturer within Vinnytsia. Fond of modern technologies and open-source solutions.

Speaker's activity
Go experience report from a Java developer’s standpoint

The non-goal of this talk is to teach Go syntax or learn its basic constructions. It is rather a philosophical view of two different ecosystems: Java and Go.

The first thoughts that come to mind when mentioning the Go programming language are cloud-nativeness, concurrency, low memory footprint, fast compilation, and fast execution. And these still remain hot topics in 2020.

This talk shows what we, as the seasoned java developers, can learn and use from the Golang experience. We will cover modeling instruments and approaches available in both ecosystems such as package design, building blocks, error handling, dealing with collections, documentation, testing, building and debugging tools, etc.

The talk is based on the assumption that programming language is a tool and tightly coupled to philosophy and thought expression. The target audience is the engineers who want to understand why the Go programming language is considered to be the de-facto standard when it comes to cloud-native development and tooling. In fact, Go has become so popular that a report on it is submitted to the Java conference.