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Yaroslav Yermilov

Yaroslav Yermilov

Senior Software Engineer at EPAM, Ukraine

It’s already 5 years since Yaroslav joined Java industry. At the office (EPAM Systems one and only) he mostly works with clustering, Big Data and automated testing. At home, he turns into Groovy ecosystem fan, constantly trying to promote it via public talks and online posts.

Speaker's activity
GPars: Unsung Hero of Concurrency in Practice
May 26th
14:40 - 15:25

When it comes to concurrency and parallelism, first things to appear in someone’s mind may be “Java Concurrency in Practice” by Brian Göetz, threads, java.util.concurrent, Fork-Join, parallel streams, reactive, Akka or MapReduce. When it comes to Groovy, first things to appear in someone’s mind may be Gradle, Grails, Spock, DSLs or scripting.

Great injustice is that you rarely meet GPars in both these lists. Framework that provides high-level APIs and DSLs for writing concurrent and parallel code both in Java and Groovy and support for concepts of map/reduce, fork/join, asynchronous code, actors, agents, dataflows (not all mentioned) deserves a little more attention, isn’t it?

In this talk we will try to fix it. One by one, we will explore various use cases of GPars with all its pragmatism and conciseness. Not forgetting neither plain Java nor Groovy adepts, we will use Groovy to empower our solutions and ensure that everything works from Java the same way.

Slides can be found here.