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Rene Groeschke

Rene Groeschke

Principal Engineer at Gradle Inc, Germany

Apart on working on Gradle core and Gradle cloud services, René supports teams all over the world to deliver better software faster by giving in depth Gradle classes and providing remote and onsite support on implementing software automation, continuous delivery and continuous integration patterns. Understanding software development as a craftsmanship, he loves getting out of his comfort zone, learn about new tools, technologies and techniques.

Speaker's activity
Gradle approaching 4.0
May 26th
12:10 - 12:55

Gradle is approaching version 4.0 very soon. In this talk we’ll discuss the most exciting features, that build authors and developers can expect from the popular build tool since the last major release. We will explore how composite builds allow you to combine builds that are developed independently, how Gradle builds java projects faster than ever leveraging compile avoidance and a distributed cache and we’ll look into crafting build scripts with Kotlin with all the convenience you are acustomed from your IDE. The talk will be finished up with an outlook of what the Gradle team is working on next and what you can expect beyond Gradle 4.0.