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Serhii Belei

Serhii Belei

Technical Leader at SoftServe, Ukraine

Serhii has been worked with Java and Gradle for a long period of time. He likes to write some tools that help him with daily activities like plugins for IDE’s or file manager. This helps him to get more information about internals of these tools.

Speaker's activity
Gradle how to’s
May 18th

We’ve been migrated from Ant to Gradle for two years (developers infrastructure is not a main goal on the project for management). Hitting this long road we have lot’s of reciepts for gradle scripts.

So here is the list of them:
1. Configuration of Eclipse project from build.
2. Jenkins job configuration within the build.
3. Release process configuration with gradle-release plugin.
4. How to store credentials and other secured information not in the script (locally and on Jenkins).
5. Problems whit hierarchical multimodule projects.
6. Common rules how we moved puld logic to plugin.
7. How to apply plugin for itself (Because plugin is also project and we have to follow company conventions that we applied to other projects through the plugin.
8. Release in pipeline job (three step approach) and explanation, why it’s not possible to do within the single step.