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Anton Arhipov

Anton Arhipov

Developer Advocate at ZeroTurnaround, Estonia

Anton is a Developer Advocate at ZeroTurnaround. Professional interests include programming languages, middleware and tooling. Nominated Java Champion title in 2014, Anton is also involved with GeekOut Java conference in Tallinn, Estonia. He blogs at http://arhipov.blogspot.com, speaks at Java conferences, occasionally writes articles for RebelLabs at http://rebellabs.org.

Speaker's activity
Having fun with Javassist
May 26th
13:25 - 14:10

Javassist makes Java bytecode manipulation simple. At ZeroTurnaround we use Javassist a lot to implement the integrations for our tools.

In this talk we will go through the examples of how Javassist can be applied to alter the applications behavior and do all kind of fun stuff with it.

Why is it interesting? Because while trying to do unusual things in Java, you learn much more about the language and the platform itself and learning about Javassist will actually make you a better Java developer!