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Vladimir Tsukur

Vladimir Tsukur

Zoomdata/Ciklum, Ukraine

Software engineer and architect, primarily focused on the development of distributed systems, platforms and APIs. REST trainer, XP practitioner and a member of JEEConf / XP Days program committee. Outsourcing partner of Swedish companies Easyhunt and Frost Digital in Ukraine. Passionately engaged in software development for over 12 years striving to make things right. Enjoys giving technical talks on local and international conferences and meet-ups.

Speaker's activity
Hot and spicy Java with Lombok. Live!
May 20th

Lombok is a small, but very useful library that helps to remove smelly Java boilerplate. Are you tired of writing getters and setters, builders or even constructors? Want to generate toString() / equals() / hashCode() or immutable class very fast? Lombok spices up these and many other experiences by allowing you to achieve small goals declaratively and effectively. We’ll be coding live in this session, learn Lombok features, limitations and things to be aware of. Come over, sit on tight and enjoy the ride!