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Yegor Bugayenko

Yegor Bugayenko

Teamed.io, USA

Yegor is a CTO and co-founder of Teamed.io, a software development company with a unique approach to management of distributed teams; a regular blogger at www.yegor256.com; a proud holder of PMP and OCMEA certifications; a hands-on Java developer and a lead architect of a few popular open source projects, including jcabi.com, takes.org, rultor.com and qulice.com. Yegor lives in Palo Alto, CA and Kyiv, Ukraine.

Speaker's activity
How Immutability Helps in OOP
May 21st

Immutability in object-oriented programming is a very important quality of properly designed classes, which help us to keep them short, maintainable, cohesive and less coupled with others. There are a few practical examples of how, thanks to making classes immutable, the entire design becomes less error resistant during refactoring and extending.