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Alexey Fyodorov

Alexey Fyodorov

Founder and Leader at JUG.ru, Russia

Java developer for 8+ years. Leader of JUG.ru — Russian Java User Group. Technology Evangelist @ Odnoklassniki. Worked at Oracle for 3 years (JCK Team, Java Platform group). An organizer of largest Russian Java conferences: JPoint, Joker, and JBreak. Interested in runtimes, multithreaded programming and software engineering trade-offs.

Speaker's activity
How threads help each other
May 26th
11:05 - 11:50

Non-blocking Michael-Scott queue algorithm uses a very interesting idea: threads, working with the queue, “help each other”. This algorithm and its modifications are used in many modern platforms, including and C++ and Java. In this talk, I will demonstrate the algorithm itself and show you exactly what it is I so admire.