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Oleh Dokuka

Oleh Dokuka

Software Engineer at Levi9, Ukraine

Java follower, that loves his job. Spend a lot of time in learning new about Java and related technologies. Love dirty experiments with newest frameworks. Inspired by beautiful code and great application design.

Speaker's activity
How to build a crypto trading platform with Spring 5 and Reactor 3
May 19th

In the talk, we will look at Reactive approaches with Spring 5 and Reactor 3 and see how to build a Reactive System using Spring Reactive Stack in details. In turn, we will discuss the common business needs, where these techniques fit well and how they may help you in solving complex problems in the most elegant and efficient way.

During the talk, we are going to build a Reactive Crypto-Trading Platform.

The central point which will be covered during the talk:

* Analyze of how to build a simple WebSocket API for data transfer;
* Analyze of existing Crypto-Platforms and the ways of integration with them using Reactor 3 and Spring WebFlux;
* Implementation of Trading and a Customer’s Wallet features;
* Security in Reactive solution with Reactive Spring Security;

What will be skipped:

* Blockchain mechanism;
* Purchasing/Sales mechanism of crypto-currencies in detail;
* Kotlin, obviously :);

Throughout all the talk, we will try to understand whether Reactor 3 and New Reactive Spring 5 helps us or not in solving of common business needs. Try to find out where Reactor 3 shines brightly, what works in WebFlux and what does not. Finally, we will be capable of making the decision whether we can already start working with Spring Boot 2 without fear.