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Oleksandr Berezianskyi

Oleksandr Berezianskyi

Microservice Platform Lead at Sigma Software Group, Ukraine

Hands-on technical leader focused on processes, technical guidance and getting things done. 10 years of experience in the Java development of full-stack applications, 8 years on team/technical leader positions, 4 years implementing microservices, 1 year as a Microservices Platform Lead.

Speaker's activity
How we build JVM-oriented microservice platform
May 26th
18:05 - 18:50

We will talk about what is a microservice platform and why sometimes you need to build your own platform instead of using an existing one. We will dive into a real saga of Java monolith drama and microservice hero that came to save developers (and even product owners!), the true story of root cause analysis and resulting requirements of the microservice platform, a tale of the Java team that built a microservice platform by going through the DevOps pain and 9 circles of internal sales.

Our agenda will include:

– What problems are we solving with microservices?
– Why building a custom microservice platform?
– Requirements of the microservice platform
– Kubernetes as a main infrastructure
– Linkerd – one of the best solutions for HTTP based microservices
– Microservice template: SpringBoot, Undertow, RestEasy, Gradle
– Jenkins based CI/CD as a necessary part of microservice platform
– Sample implementation of microservice working in prod as the best argument to sell microservices
– Documentation, documentation, documentation, documentation

Slides can be found here.