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Jakub Nabrdalik

Jakub Nabrdalik

Team Leader at Allegro, Poland

For the last 15 years I worked in software houses and large enterprises creating dedicated applications for external and internal customers in languages like Groovy, Java, Kotlin, C#, PHP, and using plethora of technologies. I did everything from analysis, programming, modeling, architecture, coaching to managing projects. That’s what you usually call a developer these days. Some of the systems, I’ve worked on, include Mobile Banking, Finance, Telco, eCommerce, Data Management Systems, Content Management Systems and Enterprise Resource Planning.

I built an IT branch of a corporation in Poland, from the scratch, which I’ve grown to 50 people and managed for 2 years, hiring people, designing development and support processes, empowering self-organized teams, coordinating with development centers in other countries, driving big changes and setting up a proper hacker culture.

My main interests are in Domain Driven Design and Test/Behaviour Driven Development, which I’ve practiced since 2005, gave a lot of talks on conferences and workshops, and wrote some articles. I love Software Craftsmanship, the serious, responsible, scientific and pragmatic approach to development.

I gave more than 60 public talks and workshops on conferences, universities and user groups, both Polish and international, helped to organize a few from scratch, shape a few by being in program committees. I was one of the leaders of Warsaw Java User Group, Warsaw Groovy User Group, Warsaw Spring Labs.

My focus is on software development. I’m very direct, down to earth kind of guy. Expect nothing but harsh truth.

Speaker's activity
Improving your Test Driven Development in 45 minutes
May 19th

There was many talks already on this subject. I’ve found that misconceptions and errors in this field are shared, and that most of us make the same mistakes.

Give me 45 minutes of your time, and I’ll try to address the most common problems, hoping to improve your TDD/BDD situation as much as possible.

I’ll try to solve:

– Long running tests problem, by bringing back the correct shape of test-pyramid with power of Hexagonal Architecture (Ports & Adapters) with practical examples in Spring.

– Miscommunication and lost art of requirement gathering, by focusing on readability, introducing just enough of Domain Specific Language, and sorting out what is important with the power of Spock.

– Difficult test setup and environment requirements, by using command and conquer, modularity, monitoring.

– Mock abuse, by showing what are the benefits of in-memory implementations.

– And hopefully more.

Most teams that do not write tests first do it, because it’s hard for them. I’ll try to show you, how to make it easy. Real life examples included. If you are not using TDD/BDD, this might also interest you – you’ll know how to start the right way.

Slides can be found here.