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Nazarii Cherkas

Nazarii Cherkas

Solutions Architect at Hazelcast, Ukraine

Senior Software Engineer and Solutions Architect with 7+ years of experience in designing and building complex systems on top of Java stack. I’ve been involved in various projects from the critical healthcare systems and high-tech Silicon Valley startups to the large-scale back-end infrastructures used by one of the biggest airlines. Passionate about community knowledge sharing, distributed systems, and low-latency processing approaches.

Speaker's activity
In-memory stream processing with Hazelcast Jet
May 19th

Nowadays infinite data streams are everywhere – logs, metrics, IoT, social activity and many more. The paradigm of the stream processing brings new challenges but at the same time opens new horizons – it allows to revisit some of the classical data processing approaches like batch processing. During this talk, we’re going to have a brief overview of the infinite stream processing problem and will learn about a new Hazelcast product called Jet, which aims to address this problem.