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Alex Theedom

Alex Theedom

Indigococo.com, UK

An experienced Java developer who has recently played a pivotal role in the architectural design and development of a micro service based, custom built lottery and instant win game platform. Has developed software in both Spring and Enterprise Java. Co-author of Professional Java EE Design Patterns and mentor at a local after school coders club and an OTN resource speaker.

Speaker's activity
Java EE 8: What Servlet 4.0 and HTTP/2 mean to you
May 20th

The goal of HTTP/2 is to increase the perceived performance of the web browsing experience. This is achieved by multiplexing over TCP and Server Push among other techniques. What implications does this have for developers? How does Servlet 4.0 embrace HTTP/2 and what support is there in JDK 9? We will see, with code examples, what the future of developing with HTTP/2 might look like.