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Alex Theedom

Alex Theedom

Indigococo.com, UK

An experienced Java developer who has recently played a pivotal role in the architectural design and development of a micro service based, custom built lottery and instant win game platform. Has developed software in both Spring and Enterprise Java. Co-author of Professional Java EE Design Patterns and mentor at a local after school coders club and an OTN resource speaker.

Speaker's activity
Java EE Revisits Design Patterns
May 21st

Design patterns are not only cool but represent the collective wisdom of many developers. Since the publication of Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software by GoF many new concepts have extended the coverage of these design patterns, and now Java EE provide out of the box implementations of many of the most well known patterns. This talk will show how, by taking advantage of Java EE features such as CDI and the smart use of annotations, traditional design patterns can be implemented in a much cleaner and quicker way. Among the design patterns discuss there will be Singleton, Façade, Observer, Factory, Dependency Injection, Decorator and more.