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Vladimir Kozhaev

Vladimir Kozhaev

Freelancer, Ukraine

Vladimir specializes in the development of programming languages and development tools. If you need to develop a domain specific language, IDE based on Eclipse or Inellij Idea, parser, compiler do not heistate to ask Vladimir.

Speaker's activity
JetBrains MPS as a Tool for Extending Java
May 27th
14:40 - 15:25

JetBrains MPS is an integrated environment for language engineering. It allows language designers to define new programming languages, both general-purpose and domainspecific, either as standalone entities or as modular extensions of already existing ones. Since MPS leverages the concept of projectional editing, non-textual and non-parseable syntactic forms are possible, including tables or mathematical symbols. This lecture introduces MPS and shows how its novel approach can be applied to Java development.