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Vlad Gaevsky

Vlad Gaevsky

Software Engineer at EPAM, Belarus

Vlad Gaevsky works as Java Developer at EPAM Belarus, Minsk. His working experience counts almost 3 years of Java developing, and despite that he has already worked with different types of projects, including large old monolith and microservices-based architecture. He is fond of modern technologies, hackathons and conferences.

Speaker's activity
JUnit 5: Overview & New Features
May 26th
10:00 - 10:45

Not so much time is left till the new major version of one of the most popular unit testing frameworks will be released – JUnit 5 is coming!

In this talk I will show you which new features this version will introduce, which possibilities we need to know to be ready for release, what kind of vision JUnit 5 assumes – not very deep in the code, just as overview what can be done with the power of All-new JUnit. And of cource, we will try to answer the main question – “To migrate or not to migrate from JUnit 4?”

Slides can be found here.