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Izzet Mustafaiev

Izzet Mustafaiev

Solution Architect at EPAM, Ukraine

Software Engineer working in EPAM Systems with Java as primary programming language, exploring FP with Erlang/Elixir/Elm, infected by AI disrupting power. Participated in different projects as a developer and architect. Advocating XP and Clean Code and DevOps habits and practices. In a reality happy husband and father.

Speaker's activity
Kotlin strives for Deep Learning
May 19th

AI is New Electricity and Deep Learning is one of key enablers for this, it breaks known limits of possible and disrupts vast areas of our modern life. From dev standpoint it sounds science-heavy and requires PhD in fact its not. Here I’m going to explain why in theory and practice with Kotlin. Kotlin is a modern language with great perspectives to write concise, safe and interoperable applications, while Deep Learning is something what we’re going to develop in the nearest future. So why not to combine those 2 powers into 1?