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Evgeny Borisov

Evgeny Borisov

NAYA Technologies, Israel

Since 2001 Evgeny was working as Java Developer, Team Leader, Java Architect and Java Trainer. One of the best speakers of JEEConf, Javaday, JPoint and Joker. Now works as Big Data Technical Leader in NAYA Technologies.

Speaker's activity
Lord of the Spark or an easy way for Java Developers to tame Big Data
May 20th

The world is changed, Big Data is everywhere…
I see it in many projects, I hear it at the conferences, I smell it in the air…

Are you frightened of Big Data? Do you think it’s complicated, and in order to work in this field you need to learn a lot of new concepts, tools and paradigms?

I have good news for you: Apache Spark, an open source Big Data processing framework, can spare you these concerns. You might heard that in order to use Spark you should know Scala or Python? Perhaps somebody had told you that Java API of Spark is limited, bulky and inconvenient? That all your previous Java experience is useless? Inversion of Control, design patterns, Java frameworks such as Spring, JUnit or Maven/Gradle are not your friends anymore?

I have further good news for you: Writing Spark with Java can be very elegant and for sure more familiar to you. This talk is for Java developers who want to process Big Data in the most efficient and simple way, using the cutting edge technology – Spark. We will take a look on Spark API and cover its capabilities. Finally, I’ll demonstrate that in order to work with Spark you can still use the same techniques and knowledge you’ve gained in the world of Java.