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Dmytro Dumanskiy

Dmytro Dumanskiy

CTO at Blynk, Ukraine

Blynk co-founder and CTO with 15 years of experience with Java. Designed and implemented high-load, distributed and big data systems. My specialization is performance optimizations and improvements. Active netty contributor and maintainer of blynk-server and clickhouse4j.

Speaker's activity
Micro optimizations in Java. Part 2.

It will be the second part of my “Micro Optimizations in Java” talk that I made a few years ago on the JEEConf. Time goes and every day we discover new and new hot paths in our code that we have to optimize in order to keep our hardware cost as low as possible while handling hundreds of billions of requests a month. In this talk, I’ll continue to demonstrate typical java constructions that slow down your code execution. And will show you what you can do with it.