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Mykhailo Sorokovskyi

Mykhailo Sorokovskyi

Tech Lead at Lohika, Ukraine

Software Engineer since 2004. Currently working in Lohika on Technical Leader position. Programming languages he is usually working with are Java, C#, Python, JavaScript. Main interest is design and development of highly loaded distributed systems.

Speaker's activity
Microservices: Another way
May 26th
12:10 - 12:55

The idea of the presentation is to show how to build / modify the application with / to microservices architecture without commonly thinking approaches (Containers, Consul, Eureca, Zookeper, etcd)
The Another Way will be based on Service Fabric allowing to dramatically decrease DevOps, toolchain and cluster support effort.

The Talk plan will be to get existing Monolith application and change it to microservices architecture using only Service Fabric without any other tools (simple bash and powershell scripts). Following aspects will be covered:

– How to setup / modify cluster with Linux and Windows machines
– What service models supported
– How Resource Manager / Partitioning / DataSharing working
– How to Monitor and Service Healing working
– How Service Upgrades and Faults are handled
– Cloud / On-Premises / Hybrid setups