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Andrus Adamchik

Andrus Adamchik

ObjectStyle, USA

Andrus is a member of the Apache Software Foundation and a long-time open source developer. In day job he is a programmer and an IT entrepreneur, running a great software company called ObjectStyle. He is closely involved with a number of open-source projects, such as Apache Cayenne, a developer-friendly Java ORM and Bootique, a minimally opinionated technology for building runnable Java applications.

Speaker's activity
No container: a Modern Java Stack with Bootique
May 20th

Java containers appeared back in the era of big expensive hardware and monolithic applications, and currently feel like an impediment to Java progress. More and more developers opt out of containers in favor of runnable jars, especially with the advance of microservices architectures. Andrus Adamchik will present a new open source tool called Bootique (https://bootique.io), a pluggable and extensible technology intended for various kinds of container-less Java apps – REST services, webapps, job runners, desktop apps and what not.