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Artem Orobets

Artem Orobets

Smartling, Ukraine

For the last 5 years, Artem has been working on many different projects. His experience includes a number of various areas from designing and developing of high-available REST services to the development of query optimizer in the NoSQL database engine. Fascinated with data processing algorithms and approaches of creating scalable systems.

Speaker's activity
On the way to low latency
May 21st

This is a story about how we struggled to implement strict latency requirements in a service implemented with Scala and Netty. And how we managed to do that.

The most common latency contributors are an in-process locking, thread scheduling, I/O, algorithmic inefficiencies and, of course, garbage collector.

I will share our experience of dealing with the causes. And tell what you can do to prevent them from affecting the production.