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Izzet Mustafaiev

Izzet Mustafaiev

EPAM, Ukraine

Izzet is a Software Engineer working in EPAM Systems with Java as primary language, hands on with Ruby/Groovy, exploring FP with Erlang/Elixir. Participated in different projects as a developer and architect. Advocating XP and Clean Code and DevOps habits and practices.

Speaker's activity
Performance testing for web-scale
May 20th

If you heard about web-scale or have a requirement to survive under web-scale or you just would like to prepare your application to handle an X effect this topic is for you. During a presentation you will understand aspects and caveats of performance testing, nuances of performance testing of Java based web applications.
As a practical part you will get a brief overview of existing tools and will get a guide of using Gatling as a tool to make a load for your application.
Gatling is an open source tool for performance loading written in Scala and provides comprehensive DSL for load scenario specification.