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Rossen Stoyanchev

Rossen Stoyanchev

Senior Staff at VMware, UK

Rossen is a committer on the Spring Framework team with contributions to the development of Spring’s RSocket programming model, the design and creation of Spring WebFlux, and the continued evolution of Spring MVC over several major and minor versions. Prior to joining Spring engineering, Rossen taught and consulted teams building Spring applications. Rossen’s background in Java also includes applications in finance, insurance, accounting, and distributed networking.

Speaker's activity
Practical Intro to Reactive Programming

A full reactive stack may not be on your radar, but reactive APIs are becoming more common and widely used, from database access with R2DBC to HTTP remote calls with the WebClient to full-on reactive, remote communication with RSocket. These libraries do some pretty useful things that would otherwise be quite difficult. However, to take advantage you need to be more comfortable with reactive programming. This session aims to introduce you to reactive programming with practical steps, doing practical useful things that will make you want to learn more.