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Grygoriy Gonchar

Grygoriy Gonchar

Lead IT Architect at Kreditech, Germany

Last years working as an Architect on complex entprise projects in FinTech industry. Hands-on Java and Scala developer focusing on how to make distributed systems reliable and secure.

Speaker's activity
Reactive Design in Enterprise Applications
May 27th
17:00 - 17:45

Reactive and functional paradigms adoption is currently rising in Java world. Trying to put them into practice brought me to a number of challenges I had to solve, such as should I make my functions pure or how to be asynchronous and message-driven with a relational database. The talk will cover Reactive Systems design principles as well as some Resilience Patterns which are well applicable in enterprise applications. The talk contains complementary examples using reactive features in the 5th version of Spring Framework, quickly covering basics and going directly into experience sharing and more advanced topics.