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Yakov Fain

Yakov Fain

Farata Systems, USA

Yakov Fain is Java Champion and a co-founder of the IT consultancy Farata Systems. He wrote a thousand blogs (http://yakovfain.com) and several books about software development. He authored and co-authored such books as “Angular 2 Development with TypeScript”, “Java 24-Hour Trainer”, “Enterprise Web Development”. His Twitter tag is @yfain. Most of all Yakov enjoys learning and teaching software.

Speaker's activity
Reactive Thinking in Java
May 20th

This presentation is about the world of asynchronous programming in Java, where everything is a stream. We’ll talk about how reactive extensions change the way you design Java applications. You’ll see how to consume observable streams of events and apply a variety of operators offered by the RXJava library, which requires a different way of thinking about writing code.