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Orkhan Gasimov

Orkhan Gasimov

Senior Data Developer at AppsFlyer, Ukraine

Orkhan is a software engineer, trainer and consultant with over 15 years of engineering with experience in both, front-end and back-end. Actively involved to development of distributed applications of various scales.

Speaker's activity
Refactoring Monolith to Microservices
May 18th

Distributed design is the way to go for most of the modern applications. However, when you have a startup with 1-2 backend developers in a team, it’s much easier to start with a monolithic app and refactor it when necessary.

In this talk, we will answer two questions:

     1. How to design a “correct monolith” to be able to quickly refactor it to microservices?
     2. How to refactor an existing monolith to microservices.

We will cover patterns, anti-patterns and real-life examples from personal experience. Examples will use Spring Cloud, as nowadays:

     1. There are many applications developed with Spring.
     2. Spring is used for quick development of projects from scratch.
     3. Many apps migrate to or start using Spring.