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Avishai Ish-Shalom

Avishai Ish-Shalom

Engineering Manager at Wix, Israel

Avishai is a veteran operations and software engineer with years of high scale production experience. Currently masquerading as an engineering manager, Avishai is leading a team of software engineers at Wix.com core services group. In his spare time, Avishai is spreading weird ideas and conspiracy theories like DevOps and Operations Engineering.

Speaker's activity
Resilient Design 101
May 27th
12:10 - 12:55

In today’s online services, your software is expected to be highly reliable, gracefully degrading and resilient to failure. Yet the principles of Resilient Design are rarely taught.

This talk showcases the basics of Resilient Design & Queueing Theory and explores the ramifications of queue behavior on system performance and resiliency. This talk aims to give practical skills that can be applied to better build and tune your systems. The talk covers:

– Queueing capacity and impact on latency
– Little’s Law and how to apply it
– Proper sizing of thread and connection pools
– Timeouts and how derive them