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Serge Bishyr

Serge Bishyr

Senior Software Engineer at Lohika, Ukraine

Software engineer at Lohika and active open source contributor. Always curious and open-minded. 6+ years of experience building distributed systems in different domains, like a health-care alarming system, networking debugging application, aviation, etc. Member of the program committee at Morning@Lohika monthly meetups.

Speaker's activity
REST or gRPC? I want it all, and I want it now!

gRPC became more and more popular. It has a set of advantages over REST. However, the support of gRPC in the browsers is not mature enough. It would be great to have gRPC for inter-service communication but REST for client-to-service communication. Do we have to implement our API twice? Short answer: No.

Join the talk, and you will learn how with the help of gRPC and Envoy you can have both, REST and gRPC APIs.