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Andrey Kogun

Andrey Kogun

Development Expert at CROC, Russia

Software development expert, more than 15 years in IT. Took part in many projects on custom development, basically of e-document flow systems and business processes automatization for a number of big Russian companies, as a senior developer and architect.

Teaches at Moscow universities the development basics using Java technologies. Develops and makes advanced trainings for developers with hand-on experience. Organizer and leader of jug.msk.ru — Moscow Java developers community. Besides the community meetups organizes and develops region developers communities.

Speaker's activity
Spring Boot and Xtend: black magic session with exposure
May 18th

They say Spring Boot is full of strange magic, but if you’ve already managed to get things in order, don’t be sad, as there are lots of things that can be added when you use not Java, but it’s “modernized” version.

At least, that’s how Xtend language postures itself on the official website. The first thing the modernizations allow you to do is to write less code in a manual way, which means you’ll do it faster and make fewer mistakes.

In this talk, we’ll develop a simple app based on famous technologies, such as Spring Boot and Spring Data (Rest), using all the features provided by Xtend, like Active Annotations.

There’ll be enough magic, but, as we’ll see, you can keep everything under control if you choose the right instrument.

In the exposure part, we’ll dwell on Xtend basic features and look at Active Annotations out of the box, the way they work, along with how and why to write your active annotation processor and how to test it.