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Alexey Loubyansky

Alexey Loubyansky

Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, Ukraine

Alexey is a member of Quarkus development team at Red Hat. Before joining the Quarkus team he was one of the JBoss/WildFly AS core developers for 15 years and contributed to a number of its subsystems including EJB2.x and EJB3.x, JCA, Microcontainer, Management architecture and tooling, patching and provisioning mechanisms.

Speaker's activity
Spring into Quarkus
45 minutes

Quarkus is a next generation Java application development stack and tooling for applications following microservices and cloud-native architecture. It is focused specifically on addressing the most prominent disadvantages of traditionally built Java applications such as boot time and memory footprint, at the same time dramatically enhancing the developer experience.

While Quarkus is primarily promoting Eclipse MicroProfile API for application development, admittedly the equivalent Spring API is a lot more popular in the industry at this point. This talk will help Spring experts to get a quick start using Quarkus for their applications and benefit from a significant reduction in boot time and memory consumption that Quarkus is known for in both JVM and native executables.