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Bohdan Danyliuk

Bohdan Danyliuk

Engineering Lead at TransferWise, Estonia

Bohdan is first engineer in successful financial startup TransferWise. Growing with the company he faced and helped to overcome growth related problems like escaping the monolith, building resilient distributed system and scaling engineering team from 1 to almost 300 people. Building a sustainable and trustworthy stream processing engine is one of the challenges he is helping with at the moment in the company.

Levani Kokhreidze

Levani Kokhreidze

Team Lead at TransferWise, Estonia

Levani Initially joined Fraud prevention team but quickly spotted opportunity to solve our customers problems with his passion in distributed streams. Now leading effort in building stream processing platform in TransferWise during a day and hacking not-for-production things with bytecode generators during the night.

Speaker's activity
Stream processing adoption – war stories about Kafka Streams in highly regulated financial institution

TransferWise started working with Kafka Streams to scale data processing capabilities across different domains. While proof of concept setup of Kafka Streams is easy, building necessary infrastructure and tooling around it to achieve highly available platform is not so trivial. It’s especially hard for financial organizations where data consistency and integrity comes first. In this talk we will walk you through the TransferWise’s journey in adopting of stream processing and discuss some interesting topics such as: applying Kafka Streams on real life examples, data reconciliation, high availability, adoption of new technology in versatile autonomous team environment.