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Guido Schmutz

Guido Schmutz

Platform Architect at Trivadis, Switzerland

Guido Schmutz works for Trivadis, an IT services provider located in central Europe. He has more than 30 years of technology experience. At Trivadis he leads the Trivadis Architecture Board. He has long-time experience as developer, coach, trainer, and architect in the area of building complex Java EE and SOA-based solutions. In the past few years he mostly worked in Big Data / Fast Data projects with technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, Kafka as well as container technologies such as Docker, Mesos and Kubernetes. Guido is an Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador and ACE director and a regular speaker at international conferences such as CodeOne, JavaOne, Kafka Summit, Voxxed Days, UKOUG conference and DOAG. He is also co-author of several books, such as Design Principles for Process-Driven Architectures Using Oracle BPM and SOA Suite 12c, Oracle Service Bus 11g Development Cookbook as well as the Trivadis Architecture and Integration Architecture Blueprints.

Speaker's activity
Stream Processing – Concepts and Frameworks

More and more data sources today provide a constant stream of data, from IoT devices to Social Media streams. It is one thing to collect these events in the velocity they arrive, without losing any single message. An Event Hub and a data flow engine can help here. It’s another thing to do some (complex) analytics on the data. There is always the option to first store in a data sink of choice and later analyze it. Storing even a high-volume event stream is feasible and not a challenge anymore. But this adds to the end-to-end latency and it takes minutes if not hours to present results. If you need to react fast, you simply can’t afford to first store the data. You need to do process it directly on the data stream. This is called Stream Processing or Stream Analytics. In this talk I will present the important concepts, a Stream Processing solution should support and then dive into some of the most popular frameworks available on the market and how they compare.