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Maciek Próchniak

Maciek Próchniak

TouK, Poland

Maciek Próchniak is algebraic topologist, for more than 8 years developing on JVM for food and pleasure. This includes various subjects varying from architecture to operations and from integration to web development. Recently trying hard to code more functionally, preferably in Scala. Likes to speak at conferences from Bergen to Cairo on wide range of topics – from Scala type system to noSQL databases. For 7 years happy @ TouK, and even more happy husband and father.

Speaker's activity
Streams, flows and storms – how not to drown with your data?
May 20th

The landscape of stream processing frameworks gets more and more complicated. Some time ago Apache Storm was the only boy/girl in town. After that Spark Streaming emerged, then Apache Flink – European answer to Storm & Spark. What’s more – just few days ago Apache Dataflow entered incubation stage – aiming at API unification and backed by Google. I’m not even mentioning Samza, Flume nor projects that failed to gain traction.

In the talk I’d like to clear things a bit to help listeners (and myself) decide – which of above fit particular needs and which ones are stable enough to be used without fear.

Slides may be found here, slides here.