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Kyrylo Holodnov

Kyrylo Holodnov

Senior Software Engineer at Grammarly, Ukraine

Having almost seven years of professional experience in Java/Java EE development, Kyrylo has worked at NetCracker, Infopulse, Yandex before joining Grammarly team. He also studied computer science at Yandex School of Data Analysis. Primary interests are distributed systems, Java development, machine learning and information retrieval.

Yaroslav Yermilov

Yaroslav Yermilov

Software Engineer at Grammarly, Ukraine

Software Engineer in the Core Services team at Grammarly. Maintains and develops parts of high-loaded text processing pipeline. Has seen algorithms during everyday work, not only during coding interview.

Speaker's activity
String and Text Processing in Java on a Scale

Our Java applications handle millions of strings per second. We work with different platforms, including mobile. On a scale, even rare things happen. You can bet that eventually, an innocent text will crash your server… or the whole cluster. Over the years we have tried many performance tricks. Or should we call it premature optimizations?

In this talk, we’ll share what we have learned about heavy string processing in Java:

– Upgrading to Java 11. New java.util.String – expectations and reality
– JVM string optimizations and hacks – which ones do you need?
– Tips for fast and robust regular expressions
– Emoji that make you cry
– Services in other languages – what is the true length of my Java string?”