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Anton Keks

Anton Keks

Co-founder at Codeborne, Estonia

Anton Keks is a software craftsman, co-founder of Codeborne, the only extreme programming shop in the region, frequent speaker at conferences, and a lecturer in Tallinn Technical University. He is also a strong believer in open-source software and agile development methodologies, author of a popular network tool – Angry IP Scanner, and a regular contributor to other open-source projects. Before founding Codeborne, Anton has led a team of developers of the award-winning internet-bank of Swedbank for 5 years, gradually introducing agile methods. During this time he has also co-founded Agile Estonia non-profit organization that organizes regular agile conferences in Estonia. During spare time he plays guitar, rides motorbike and travels to remote corners of the world.

Speaker's activity
The evolution of Play in a big project
May 26th
17:00 - 17:45

More often than not, people start a new project with choosing a framework that will help to develop it. 5 years ago we chose Play as a base for our internet-banking platform.

Many frameworks offer a rapid start and solutions to common problems out of the box, which is great. However, as your project grows, the benefit of rapid start diminishes and other things start to matter much more – maintainability and control over your code base.

My talk is about the importance of insulating your code from the framework and any libraries very early, so that you can keep up with the advancing world and business without being constrained by them.

I will share the experience of how we finally became comitters of Play framework and how much of it we had to replace for our advancing needs, leaving only a small part of the original framework that is still being used.

Slides can be found here.