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Shlomi Shemesh

Shlomi Shemesh

Head of R&D at Wix Cloud, Israel

A hands-on Engineering manager which masters Web Enterprise Java and Big data Design and architecture with more than 15 years managing R&D groups.
Passionates about technology, people and everything in between.

Speaker's activity
The journey from queues to data pipeline streams
May 19th

Modern data pipelines have come a long way since the traditional publisher-subscriber and asynch execution. Now days tools like Kafka are used as the organization’s data backbone, processing Terabytes of daily data across real-time microsservices and batch processing using different data stores and tools.

In this talk we will discuss the key differences between kafka and traditional queues, how data pipelines transformed the backend architecture for many big data companies providing better resiliency using concepts like back pressure, ditributed logs and stream processing”