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Christoph Engelbert

Christoph Engelbert

Hazelcast, Germany

Christoph Engelbert is Technical Evangelist at Hazelcast. He is a passionated Java developer with a deep commitment for Open Source software. He mostly is interested in Performance Optimizations and understanding the internals of the JVM and the Garbage Collector. He loves to bring software to it’s limits by looking into profilers and finding problems inside of the codebase.

Speaker's activity
The Post-Apocalyptic sun.misc.Unsafe World
May 21st

The announcement that sun.misc.Unsafe will disappear in Java 9 created a huge buzz in the community and lots of people didn’t agree with the idea. While Unsafe have to go away eventually the time in not yet and Oracle finally agreed on that.

To replace sun.misc.Unsafe we need a clear set of APIs to achieve the same behavior and performance. VarHandle, Foreign Function Calls, Generic Specialization (Templates) and other proposals try to solve this misery and to replace certain aspects of our beloved class.

This talk will introduce the alternatives and explain how and why they will help to replace sun.misc.Unsafe. It uses basic examples to demonstrate what a Post-Apocalyptic Unsafe World will look like, the future of Java.