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Ricardo Ferreira

Ricardo Ferreira

Developer Advocate at Confluent, USA

Ricardo is a Developer Advocate at Confluent, the company founded by the creators of Apache Kafka. He has +21 years of experience working with Software Engineering, where he specialized in different types of Distributed Systems architectures such as Integration, SOA, NoSQL, Messaging, In-Memory Caching, and Cloud Computing.

Prior to Confluent, he worked for other vendors such as Oracle, Red Hat and IONA Technologies, as well as several consulting firms. While not working and like any good Brazilian — he loves doing Churrasco’s (i.e.: Brazilian Barbecue) with his friends & family, where he gets the chance to talk about anything that is not geek related. Currently, he lives in Apex, North Carolina, with his wife, son and two dogs.

Speaker's activity
Tips and Tricks about Apache Kafka in the Cloud for Java Developers

Who are you? You are a talented Java developer who have been using Apache Kafka in your projects On-Premises for very a long time, as well as writing code to write and read data to/from topics. However, recently your manager asked you to lead a project in which both Apache Kafka and other applications will run in the Cloud and just like that, you find yourself concerned about being able or not to deliver this project.

This talk will show that there is nothing to worry about, though you may put good use in a few tips and tricks provided by this talk to ensure the success of your project. Live demos will be used to show which changes your architecture and code should undergo, as well as discuss the kinds of problems that often arise in cloud deployments. This talk will also share which tools you must have in your arsenal, so you can do better use of your time and of the Cloud.