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Victor Polischuk

Victor Polischuk

Infopulse, Ukraine

Java technical leader at Infopulse Ukraine. Production experience counts 14 years including about 12 years of Java development. Expert in Java and JavaScript. Smartass.

Speaker's activity
Types war: Weak vs Strong
May 21st

It is well known that languages with weak typing are weaker than strong-typed ones. People fight on the matter so often and so passionately like the zealots of the past. I would like to open the wound again and bring a bit of clarity why and, more importantly, how we have to fight those battles from now on.

Let’s compare what we have in Java with other languages and feel the difference. Pragmatic one. I will show a bit of pain which, nowadays, a compiler takes away from a developer so the latter can “safely” code. Also I will try to answer the questions “which one is better” and “where are we going”.

It is always fun to see how little you know and how much is behind the curtains.